The Week Through My Eyes

Well, it’s almost Friday! This week has been a little bit of everything all wrapped into 5 business days…with a constant cold breeze, a little (ok a lot) of rain and some pretty gorgeous sunshine all mixed in there as well. I finally remembered to pack my camera with me to the office this week and was able to snap a bit of my day-to-day life. I didn’t have the chance to catch a picture of that terrible rainstorm that blew in yesterday,  just in time to turn my umbrella inside out and soak me to the bone while waiting for the bus, but I think we can all live without a memory of that one.

Sunshine peaking through the window and right onto my office wall.


Some weeks (ahem, this one included) there is no such thing as too much coffee.


I don’t believe in this stuff…but since it’s beside my crossword every morning I’ll admit, I sneak a peak. One day this week there was one (I’m a Leo FYI) that was pretty spot on; I guess 1 in 1oo times it’s got to be on the right track.


Marina views and blue skies.


Reading with my shadow buddy while soaking in some sun.


Some nights you just need to indulge. A Guinness and some Shutterbean catch up.


Well that’s it for this little post. Time to wash the city air & grime off my face and hunker down with a cup of tea until it’s time to pop under the covers. Here’s to hoping that once 5 o’clock hits tomorrow afternoon, the clock decides to slow down and the sun continues to shine for the weekend ahead!