are phenomenal! Well…any weekend that actually means having a break from the office is awesome. I spent the last two days enjoying the little things in life…hiking with a friend, costco shopping, sleeping in, a trip to the farmers market & finally defeating the monster pile of laundry that’s been hanging out in the corner. Mmm, the smell of fabric softener; I think the fact that I found season 4 of ¬†‘How I Met Your Mother’ on sale for $19 made the laundry folding a little sweeter.

You want to see 5 other things that made my weekend better?

1. Eminem’s newest album. It’s fantastic! My favorite…Talkin’ 2 Myself ft. Kobe, check it out!

2. Starbucks’ caramel soy latte. Yummm.

3. Birds chirping in the trees outside my window while I was still laying contently in my bed this morning.

4. ‘The Book of Awesome.’ Take some time to let the simple things in life put a smile on your face. Simply fantastic!

5. A bowl of fresh strawberries & raspberries topped with homemade whipped cream and a sprinkle of raw sugar.

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After 19 days of straight work…I’d say these past two days of freedom were much needed.

Have a great evening. xoxo.