A workaholic. I’m at my desk from 9 – 5pm (that’s a lie…more like 8:30 till I feel ready to roll into bed…which these days might just be 5) on weekdays, think about work when I’m at home in the evenings and on weekends, and make lists of things to do while laying in bed staring at the ceiling wishing I was dreaming instead. When did this happen?? Regardless, I’m so looking forward to two whole weeks of freedom in December.

Next week should be another stresser…with normal day to day things to do combined with still having to personally pack and pack up my merchandise for my flight out early on Thursday am. I think I may just become a human popsicle while in Edmonton; I know not what to commit to packing in order to stay warm.

I do know this much, come 2011 there will be goals set! Not these yearly New Years resolutions that get acknowledged for 2 weeks and then get ditched. Real life, ‘I need to get my ass in gear for my own good’ kind of goals. While I know it’s still early and people are just starting to think about Christmas gifts, trees, and festive eats…I’m going to start to deviate a plan.

Drink in hand and fire roaring, I’m off to enjoy the little bit of weekend that still exists. Boy, do I LOVE the tiny amount of snow that’s still on the lawn! Makes me think about being a part of my all-time favourite movie:

With love. xoxo.