Friday Favourites

The sun isn’t shining out there just yet today, but nevertheless it’s still Friday! This week has felt like a long one (I’m blaming the crazy flip-flopping weather) and I’m so glad that the weekend is only a few hours away.

With all of that said I thought I’d celebrate the end of this week by sharing a few of my favourite things:

1. Mark Fossen‘s Music

I can still remember the exact moment last month when I first heard his voice floating through the air. I was walking towards the Public Market to make the most of my short lunch-break and had no choice but to alter my route to figure out where his fabulous voice was coming from. Well, I figured it out and stood there until I had just enough time left on my break to run back to the office. I haven’t been lucky enough to cross paths with him again since then, that could have something to do with his recent European Busking Tour, but recently he  uploaded some of his tunes onto YouTube for all of us to enjoy. “This Minute Hand” is my fav at the moment.

2. This Photo of Mine

I was looking through my vacation pics from last summer and came across this one.

A huge storm rolled in the evening before I took this and pelted the once sunny & warm patio with icy cold raindrops and strong gusts of wind; 5am the next morning the sky was the blue-est blue you’ve ever seen with the sun slowly peaking through the clouds. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I’ll never forget it.

3. Call me Moni-Q 

O how I love this girl! Monique is an inspiring, hard-working, passionate (newly engaged – Yay!) lady who isn’t afraid to embrace her inner super-fan whenever the BC Lions hit the field. I couldn’t feel more fortunate to have met her and have the privilege to follow her story through her blog.

4. This Quote

It’s true. I believe it.

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All of these things make me smile, especially on a Friday; maybe they’ll put one on your face too.

Have a great weekend 🙂