It snowed all night…

and the view from my patio looks so awesome this morning! Fresh crisp white snow covers the ground everywhere and I’ve already spotted a few of the dogs from my apartment building running through it having a blast.

It’s just after 10am and I’ve already made my bed, thrown in a load of laundry, whipped up some breakfast, and walked to Shoppers to grab a few things I need for the week ahead; now that the coffee has just finished brewing my place smells like vanilla coffee mingled with clean laundry…is there really anything better than that??

I just downloaded Adele’s ┬ánewest album yesterday, 21, simply stated…it’s brilliant. Just what I was looking for at the exact moment I needed it. I’ll admit it was perfect in the background as I finally unpacked the rest of my clothes last night (this being my 3rd week here I figured it was about time)…and now this morning after all of my early morning activity I’m at a lack of what to get up to. I can still feel a bit of my cold hanging on, but thank goodness I feel nothing like I did yesterday…no sore throat, no fever and I cross my fingers that the all over body aches have gone away for good…can something that bad really be gone after one day of misery?? I guess we’ll see about that.

Well, I guess I should shuffle off of my bar stool to pour a nice warm cup of joe and maybe read one of the hundreds of books staring at me on my shelf from across the room…and continue my search for a tasty sounding cream of asparagus soup. I’ll leave you with what is my favourite song off of Adele’s albumn (well favourite so far).