Sileoto be still, silent / (+ acc.) be silent about / rest.

Do you ever just hit mute? Turn down the tv, click off the radio…take those earbuds out and lay them to rest on the counter. What sounds are all around you?

I can hear the candles softly flickering on the counter. The bubbles slowly popping in the sink…there’s a plane overhead, a baby across the hall crying for attention. A couple is making their way through the lobby…their words from here are only hushed tones traveling down the hallway; that unmistakable buzz can only mean that the elevator is making its way to the lobby to take them home. Running water is flowing through the pipes in the wall…the cleanest people in the world, my upstairs neighbors, are filling their tub above me once again. The keys are clicking away beneath my fingers as I type to you….

There’s a calmness about tonight; a quiet peacefulness has enveloped the building. When do we ever take a moment out of our busy lives to just be silent. be still. rest. listen. Sound is amazing…the ability to hear everything around us at each and every moment is a gift…but when do we take the time to enjoy the simple sounds? Clear your mind. Take a breathe. Don’t be afraid to mute all of the busyness around you and just live in the moment. Sometimes a moment of silence is all you need.