you just need a minute. A minute to breathe, a minute to reflect, a minute to re-discover what it is that gives you that push to keep moving forward. The day can be terrible; the week can suck beyond belief. People can tread lightly in and out of your life on their own terms, or can become one of the illusive few who shine through to be a pillar you never knew could exist.

If only people on the outside could understand; if only they knew who I really am and how I got to this place. If only this crazy world could slow down just long enough to make the time necessary to reach a little further. Maybe you can have a mid-twenties-crisis when you get to the point where you can’t remember what it was like to be a kid. Was I ever truly free? Is there another time when I will be?

Maybe I think too much; time to try harder to shut off all of the feelings inside. Life could be so much worse…so lately why do I feel so deprived?

That’s when I just need my minute. My minute to walk by the river. I drink in the smell of the wet wood, the sweet scent of flowers at my feet bursting through the dirt. I reach for the wooden railing and lean towards the water as I slam my eyes closed. I can feel the soft wind caressing my face and tangling my hair; the sun still shining down from above filling my body with warmth. In that moment everything is still…every part of my being is free. There’s no pressure here, no expectations, no need to slap on a fake smile, no need to worry how my personality is being misconstrued by those around me.

In this moment I feel peace. I gain strength to fight the days ahead. I realize what I have, and what I have to just let go of.

In this moment I can see my dreams; one day they will be my reality.

Sometimes…60 seconds is all I really need.