I am Me

I love to stare up at the stars.

Can watch the ocean for hours.

I own way to many lip glosses to justify.

I love my jeans and hoodies.

My feet thrive in converse or vans.

My tongue smiles at the thought of limes, wine or blackberry anything.

My hair doesn’t like to be styled.

My hands love the feeling of shea butter to restore.

My eyes see the ocean every time I blink.

My heart dreams of love every time I sleep.

Tulips make my whole body smile.

A good cup of tea or coffee can make my day.

My hands digging deep in the dirt transport me back to my childhood.

I love to create with my hands; sew, mold, bake, cut, paste, paint.

I prefer my reflection with my black rimmed glasses.

My ears love classical music.

I can watch a movie I enjoy 100+ times.

I visit the little places I love over and over again.

I could survive on zucchini, oatmeal, fresh strawberries and apples…but not combined of course…for life.

Green. Blue. White. Are the colours of my life.

I write to clear the many thoughts in my mind.

I sing while I wash the dishes.

I flick the tv channels back and forth.

I love my wool socks more than I should.

I am me. Take me or leave me.

I’ll never change the things that define me……..

You shouldn’t either.

Happy Friday!




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