I’m still alive…

I swear I still exist! A slightly different version of my former self, but familiar enough to recognize I hope. I’ve neglected you, I’ve pushed you aside…I’ve either been too exhausted to look at my computer screen or have chosen to take my splendid pen to actual paper instead of spending time typing to you.

January may have already passed us by, but since I consider moving into my apartment last February 14th the beginning of 2011 I will also accept that 2012 is really just beginning for me. I feel excited for all that this year has to offer and for whatever reason sense that it will be a great one!

Tomorrow morning I’ll once again catch a ferry to one of the places that truly relaxes and revives me. Yes, in true BC fashion it is supposed to rain the entire time I’m away, but that’s why we have so many umbrella styles to choose from right?? A different one for every day. I can’t wait to take the time to stroll slowly down the boardwalk beside the ocean, browse an entire bookstore without ever looking at my watch, and enjoy every last sip of the many lattes that will graces my cup. I might even be inspired to write again to you.




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