The smell of the fish market. Planes overhead.

Kids lined up for the eco-cruise to escape with their skim boards for the day.

Warm sun rays shining down; a soft sea breeze gently moving through my hair.

Kids arranging a game of tag on the field behind the bench I’ve made my home.

Boats in the distance slowly making their way out to the open sea.

Locals jogging along the boardwalk greeting everyone they pass.


 Sitting. Watching.

Listening.  Smelling.

Drinking it all in.

I found this scribbled in orange pen sitting inside a notebook I now use to brainstorm my grocery lists. I remember the day I wrote it, sitting on a wooden bench in Sidney on an absolutely georgous afternoon. I’ll be back there soon…only for a day or two, but I can’t wait! You always hear that what you say is what you get…so I’m putting it out there, one day the island will be my home.

Happy Tuesday…only 3 more days until the weekend. xoxo.



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