It’s Sunday. The sun is shining. There’s blue sky above. This is supposed to last until Thursday; so stoked for this much needed vitamin-D! Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do this year…and I guess this added sunshine after weeks of rainy grey skies has given me a push to write all of them down (or the ones I can remember so far).

Anyone who knows me already knows that my #1 goal for this year is to get my own place. I’m working on it as hard as possible, and am hoping and praying that the place I’ve found comes through and becomes mine for April 1st. That said, when I finally obtain a place of my own to call home, there will be a new budget in place and my entertainment needs to be a little more creative…and a little more active.

I’m so fortunate to live in a place where there are so many amazing things to do in the great outdoors. I feel a bit ashamed to say that there are many things within reach that I’ve never taken the time to enjoy; that’s about to change! Here’s a list of what I plan on accomplishing:

1. Snowshoeing on Seymour – I’ll admit it…I’ve lived in this wonderful city my entire life…and I’ve never been skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. I’m hoping that by taking the plunge and starting with some snowshoeing that I’ll catch the snow bug that so many Vancouverites can’t stop talking about. Seymour offers a guided tour to introduce you on the basics; the entire thing is 2 hours long…I can only image what my legs will feel like after. I think the next day may be a dedicated day of rest. Lol.

2. Lighthouse Park – I’ve been there once or twice before and loved every minute of it! It’s an easy hike surrounded by such beautiful scenery; I hope to get there once or twice more over the course of this Spring/Summer.

3. The Seawall – I’ve never walked the entire length of the seawall…that said, I don’t necessarily think I want to walk all 22km in one go (you’ve gotta get back to your starting point remember), I would however love to give it a go in two shots. My goal is to take it on from Coal Harbour to English Bay, and then another day take it from English Bay to Kits Beach.

4. The Chief – I’ve always wanted to hike the Chief; I’ve heard so much about the amazing views from the top. Maybe I’ll just reach the first peak, maybe the second or the third…maybe if I catch the hiking bug there’ll be more than one trip?!? Who’s to say really.

5. Kayaking – Simply put, I’ve never been. I want to go! Maybe in Deep Cove, maybe Bowen Island…I just have to do it somewhere.

6. The Grouse Grind – I don’t know if I can actually achieve this one, but after a full spring/summer of being active maybe I can hike it up the grind sometime in September…and then pay the $10 to take the lift back down of course.

I’m just sitting here dreaming away and trying to keep my mind busy with things other than thinking about whether or not that apartment will actually become mine. We’ll see, we’ll see. What are you dreaming about? Where will 2011 take you? Think about it.



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