Stormy Seas in Sidney

The wind was gusting through the city, gulls swarming above, people were walking down the street  fighting to keep their jackets buttoned tight to shield them from the few icy rain drops that escaped from above. Waves crashed onto the rocks on the beach, logs who had escaped from wherever they were previously tied were pushed up onto the stoney ground logged into their new homes. Trees along the boardwalk were swaying to and fro; the Christmas lights still hung above were clanging against their metal poles creating a bell-like ‘clang’ that could be heard from down the street. The boats moored in the marina squeaked against their buoys as they moved up and down with the swaying tide. The rain  beaded off the window as I watched from a chair beside it; light from the candle on the side table danced on the wall and reflected through my crisp glass of white wine to its right. A perfect moment.


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