A Day of Freedom

It’s Friday morning after 9am and I’m not sitting at my desk writing up a deposit or answering the phone; this just might be a little piece of bliss! Instead, I’m sitting in my pajamas on the couch flicking back and forth between a tv movie and ‘What Not To Wear’…I suddenly realized that I had a free moment to type to you.

Tonight I’m off to see Michael Buble swoon me in person (with a couple thousand other people present of course)! I don’t think that I can truly express how excited that makes me 🙂

Before I meet up with my buddies for dinner and then head to the concert, I’ll shortly be on my way downtown to catch up with my friend, and talented photographer, Chris. It feels fantastic to be able to catch up with friends and have no set itinerary or stress for one whole day…I’ll just have to banish the thoughts of  the 6 day workweek that’s waiting for me around the corner.

It’s been quite a while, and once again I’ve found something fantastic on etsy.

This fantastic hand drawn fabric comes in an array of colours from AuntJune; I’m just waiting for some inspiration on what to use it for…and what colour I like the most…before I grab a whole bunch!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Friday!



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