Football Season is here…

and with that, the office officially becomes my home for 6 months!

This season is already crazy…in a good way I suppose…but the fact that I could build a fort everyday out of the number of boxes/shipments that have become a big part of my day, makes me want to call in sick sometimes (can’t though, too much to do!). Jerseys, tickets, leather helmet hats…my days are never dull.

I hope I can kick the sore throat that’s been taunting me for the past few days before I head up to Kamloops to check out training camp and take part in a family fun day for the club this weekend; lack of sleep and in increase in stress I’m sure are some of what keeps me from ditching the raspy voice and constant annoying dull pain.

Well, I hope I don’t have to hide under my desk for a minute or two of solice before the weeks through. Wish me luck!



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