Tenebrous Tuesday

It’s dark and rainy today…but for some reason I don’t mind at all! I love the sun, but I’ll admit that I’m enjoying this crisp coolness.

Life has been busy, but not too busy to find another blog that I adore and want to share with you. Door Sixteen is written by Anna:

“I write Door Sixteen from inside an 1885 Victorian row house in the City of Newburgh, New York. Newburgh is in the Hudson Valley, about 60 miles north of Manhattan on the west bank of the Hudson River.

My husband Evan and I bought this house in early 2006, and we’ve been renovating it ever since and slowly molding it into our vision of the perfect home.

In early 2010, we decided to rent a tiny pied-à-terre in Manhattan to help ease the stress of daily commuting. We try to live as simply as possible when we’re there.”

I highly recommend you check it out!

As for me, I’m almost finished Molly Wizenberg’s “A Homemade Life,”  and just returned from my mini-trip to Victoria; I’ll post some pics if I get a chance later on today.

Thanks for stopping by. xoxo.



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