sometimes they’re good, sometimes they suck…but without them we’d never reach Friday! I feel like my life’s all over the place…but two things that always pick me up are 1.a good chai tea and 2. a great read. I hit up Chapters before heading to Bacchus last night with a friend, for dine-out Vancouver, and picked up a few new books to preoccupy my mind with.

I’m almost done with…..….and it’s most definitely a good read! Thrilled it’ll be a movie in 2011.

Here’s what I picked out at Chapters (after a glorious hour in the 3 levels of bliss):

Check out my Good Reads (bare with me I’m just getting started on there), to get a glimpse of what adventures are in store for me.

I’m off to devour as many chapters of “Something Borrowed” as I can before I fall asleep; I leave you with this quote and a great song from Wakey! Wakey!.

“Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.” – Anne of Green Gables

Good night all. I’m ready for this day to end…time to escape to Emily Giffin’s world.



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