Sunshine & Garden Tools

There’s nothing better than the feeling of cool dirt squishing through your fingers; this morning my alarm clock woke me at 7 and I headed to the farmer’s market with my Mom & Grandma. After about an hour and a half of picking out plants, vegetables, and dirt, the sun finally decided to make an appearance and it was time to work in the garden. It took me some time, but I planned out where I wanted everything to go and started to dig. I found some awesome little plants to include in my flower box this year. Check these out!

Heliotrope (these smell fantastic & their little purple flowers are so cute!)

Augusta Blue Skies – Nierembergis hybrid

Elsie Feldman

Blue Bacopa

Fiber Optic Grass

And I guess I was a little over zealous, I don’t know where to plant my Forget-me-nots & Wax Begonias

Well, I’ve reached the bottom of my chamomile tea and it’s time to head into the kitchen to plan out this week’s lunch menu.

Have a good one! Get out there and enjoy this awesome weather. xoxo.


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