King Crab & Vintage Shoes!

Don’t get me wrong I love Friday, but Tuesday has to be another favorite day of the week! I’m a slave to my television for a select number of shows, and Tuesdays happen to hold the time slot for new episodes of discovery’s ‘Deadliest Catch.’

Growing up in what was a commercial fishing family set me up for a life where my heart leads me directly to the ocean, and holds a place for any book/movie/tv show that takes place on or near any body of water. I’ve watched ‘Deadliest Catch’ since the very beginning and can re-watch any episode, any time, any where. And just so you’re in the know, the Northwestern is my fav!

On a completely different note, I was surfing around etsy (looking for pieces to encorporate into a wedding present I’m working on) and I came across some fantastic vintage shoes; check these out.

I love love love shoes!! Old, new, cheap, extremely ridiculously expensive…I love them all. Can’t wait to hit up She She Shoes in Victoria when I’m there in May!


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