A Message In A Bottle

When I woke up this morning this movie was one of the first things that popped into my mind; of course, I then fried up some eggs, grabbed a cup of coffee and planted myself on the couch.

Long before I discovered the movie, I read the book. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Paul Newman and Kevin Costner cast alongside Robin Wright to bring this novel to life. While I do enjoy the book more than the movie (I always do), I thoroughly enjoy seeing everything you imagine while reading it right there in front of you on your tv screen. The sand, the sunsets, the house, the boats…everything aestetically and setting wise is what I adore. When I spotted all of these they reminded me of the movie and Garret’s (Kevin Costner’s) house on the beach:

Hurricane candle holder $68; Message in a bottle kit $22; Chunky ribbed throw $79; Sailboat stationary $24; Grayson Lanterns $15-30; Scallop salad plates $40; Fisherman lantern string lights $29; Townsend coffee table $399; Sea glass wreath $32

While the ending has it’s sadness, as with all of Nicholas Sparks’ creations, this movie (and book) makes my top 10. The soundtrack helps make the movie even better! I especially enjoy “I Love you” by Sarah McLachlan.

1. I Could Not Ask For More – Edwin Mccain
2. No Mermaid – Sinead Lohan
3. Let Me Let Go – Diamond, Steve
4. I Will Know Your Love – Chapman, Beth Niels
5. Only Lonely – Bryan, Mark
6. Don’t – Narlock, Yve
7. Carolina – Sheryl Crow
8. I Love you – Sarah McLachlan
9. Fallen Angels – Cohn, Marc
10. Somewhere in the Middle – Jackson, Randy
11. What Will I Do – Brennan, Ciaran
12. I’ll Still Love You Then – Foster, David [1]
13. One More Time – Marx, Richard
14. Theresa & Garret – Yared, Gabriel
15. Message in a Bottle – Yared, Gabriel
16. Dear Catherine – Yared, Gabriel

I’m off to take the dog for a walk, then bake up some raspberry zucchini loafs for work this week!

Have a good one. xoxo.


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