It’s Saturday! The morning started off with me jumping out of bed…boy my dog knows how to start a morning right with a bark and a bang…that is the bang of my foot on the end of my bed. The kicker is that he didn’t even need to go out, at 7:00am he was barking for his breakfast. After he was taken care of I popped in another episode of Sex and the City and decided to make breakfast for myself, little bro, and his girlfriend. Dark chocolate & raspberry Belgian waffles with homemade whip cream. YUM! Maybe some quiche and buttermilk biscuits for lunch??

I’m so excited that in less than a month I’ll be spending a weekend in Victoria! I love the island so very very much (I took 3 mini vacations there last year, and have a goal of equalling or topping that number this year as well); I adore the fresh salt water breeze, the friendly people, and all of the cute little shops. Even without everything else the ferry ride alone is something I can’t wait for.

I was checking out Anthropologie this morning, and came across all of these. So fabulous!

Every time I spend time looking at things from Anthropologie it makes me want to spend some time hunting for antiques.

Enjoy your Saturday morning.



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