Head In The Clouds

Wow! It’s just past 11:30pm and I’ve been non-stop all day. Talk about a kick back into full work mode…from being in the office until almost 8, and then doing some work from my living room…I’m about ready for another weekend!

I did however manage to find a few minutes to take in some of April’s issue of ‘body + soul’  magazine. I discovered something I MUST do in my lifetime! Have you ever heard of a tree-house hotel? I hadn’t either until I hit page 22. There are three locations highlighted in a brief article (and as soon as I get time I want to research some more): Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica, Inkaterra in Peru, and closer to home there’s Cedar Creek in Washington.

Check out the Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d love a chance to stay a few nights in a tree that looks like this! Hopefully this will give me something to think about as I try to drift off to sleep. Good night world…I hope my mind will turn off so I can regenerate for whatever comes tomorrow.


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