Easter ect.

Last night was spent with friends who have turned into family, more food than your stomach wants to hold, and the best dessert trio ever ( hello strawberry mousse, creme brulee with raspberry coulis, and chocolate covered strawberries…would you like to visit again?!?).

This morning I’m filled with mixed emotions; I’m thrilled that it’s past 11am  and I’m still sitting in my pajamas writing to you, but sad that tomorrow is back to reality. Yes, there is only a 4 day work week waiting for me around the corner…but this week will be my busiest one so far this year. With a big too-doo awards dinner this Friday for work, I can already feel my head fill with last minute details!

That said, I’m trying my best to relax my mind and keep it clear with me in the moment today. My to do list:

1. Find some new blogs to follow (just in case I don’t have enough to distract myself with)

Lake Jane


✓ With This Nest

2. Some stress relieving grocery shopping (that is if no-one runs over my heal with their buggy).

3. Prepping lunch for the week…I’m thinking cream of broccoli soup, fresh french bread, and raisin bran muffins.

4. Catching up on my very neglected books “Eat, Pray, Love” & “Rumour Has It.”

5. A little work on my sewing projects (yes, now there’s two).

Well, I better skip into the shower so I can be seen in a public grocery store without scaring children. Happy Monday everyone!

I leave you with this, simply because they make me smile. Hope these can put a smile on you too.


One thought on “Easter ect.

  1. The lunch plans sound amazing! haha I can’t wait to go home and eat strawberry mousse leftovers 🙂 hopefully I’ll get pictures of the meal up on the blog tomorrow! peace sista

    p.s. keep blogging cuz this blog is one of my coffee breaks during the day 🙂

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