Good Morning.

Awaken by birds chirping in the tree outside her window, she rolled over to smell coffee brewing in the kitchen. Jumping out of bed she flipped the covers over, smoothed out the wrinkles, then slipped her feet into her shoes waiting at the end of the bed. She grabbed her robe from the living room chair and tied it tight as she skipped down the hall to turn up the heat. Even though Spring had sprung in the garden and the trees, the air still held the crisp, sharp, zing of autumn.
A splash of milk and some raw sugar made it into her cup, followed by a stream of steaming hot coffee; in her mind the day hadn’t truly begun until that first sip was taken. Her dog Skip raced to the couch as she buttered her toast and made her way to the living room to join him. She tied back the curtains as she took in the beautiful ocean view before her. Time had flied this morning, 8:30am already, and she knew she had to get ready and head downstairs to open up the café for 9:00am.
Ready now, she opened the front door that lead out into the hall. Skip jumped off the couch to follow her down the stairs. With two minutes to spare she grabbed her apron and secured it around her waist, then pulled her hair back into a clip. Angie and Francine where ready behind the till: coffee was being brewed, the pastries that had been prepared the night before were pulled from the oven and placed in the display cases, flowers from the florist shop next door had taken their spot in the center of each table, and the smell of fresh quiche floated through the air. She walked over to the door, unlocked it with a click, and turned over the sign to tell the world that they were now ‘Open’ for business. She took a step back as the door swung open and a regular, Mrs. Taylor, walked in and greeted Angie with her usual order.
Stepping back watching Angie and Mrs. Taylor at the counter, she realized how lucky she was to lead the life she had created for herself. Skip nudged her from behind clearing her thoughts; she gave Skip a pet on the head and smiled as she continued on her way…

“I’ll do my dreaming with my eyes wide open, and I’ll do my looking back with my eyes closed”
– Tony Arata


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