3 Days.

That’s right, that’s how many days I have to work in the office this week. I’ve added an extra day to my Easter long weekend for a very important reason…to enjoy a day downtown in the city I love, followed by the sound of John Mayer 14 rows in front of me singing with that sexy voice of his. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to Thursday!

This weekend was filled with a lot of things, but the underlying themes were spending time with family and taking time to dream. I came across this quote and it made me step back and think:

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other. –Douglas Everetts”

I don’t want to be someone who lives in a dream world…and I definitely don’t want to become someone who regrets where I’m at. I want my life to be the result of dreaming big, working hard, and turning passion and inspiration into reality. One day I’ll have time to dive in and describe all of the ideas floating around in my head to you!

It seems that the rain has finally eased off this morning; but through the glass roof above me I can see that the sky’s still all shades of grey. I need another coffee! Hope the sun makes an appearance this week.

Happy Monday. xoxo.


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