Another Blog to check out…and maybe some other things too.

I came across ‘the happy home‘ while taking a break from doing some work I brought home from the office this evening. Once you check it out you’ll see why my planned 5 minute break…turned into a 30 minute one instead.
In her March 13th post Belinda uploaded some pictures to get her inspired and motivated about being part of her little sister’s wedding. I must repost a few for you to see. If any man decides he can spend the rest of his life with me, and I don’t run away with him to elope on a spontaneous whim, I would hunt for a dress and especially a veil as beautiful as these.

Gorgeous! On another note, even though I haven’t had much free time lately, I have managed to take in the first 19 chapters of ‘Eat, Pray, Love.” I can hardly wait to take some serious time out this weekend to dive into it further with no distractions (who am I kidding, it’s me, I’ll find something to distract me). But seriously, it’s hard for me to put down.

Also, it smelt like Spring today! I mean it, Spring is in the air. It’s different all together and seems to leave a sweet delicate note of fresh flowers lingering all around. Blue skies were above this afternoon and I loved every minute of it. Keep it up Mother Nature, I like you better this way.

Well, I’m off to go poach some salmon for my lunch tomorrow and finish a little more work before I head to bed.

Thanks for stopping by ♥


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