10 Things…

Here are a few things I came across today. Items that belong in the kitchen, jewelry, places to eat…you name it, I now want it!

1 . This Pyramid Fruit Rack, highlighted on architectural digest’s great designs under $100.00, is fantastic. Imagine it on top of a white marble countertop, bold black table, or a poured concrete counter; anywhere you choose to place it would be absolutely stunning.

2. These adorable, convenient, eco-friendly bags from flip & tumble can go anywhere with you! In every colour of the rainbow, they’ll match any outfit while being durable and quite affordable. I’ve noticed them around town; next time I spot them by a checkout I’m grabbing a few!

3. I was catching up on Vitamin Daily Vancouver today, when I spotted a recent post highlighting Judas Goat. ” The new Gastown gastro-venture from Sean Heather and Scott Hawthor,” is located at 27 Blood Alley in Gastown. This place sounds delicious! Warm lamb cheek wrapped in Savoy cabbage and white truffle oil, smoked paprika and lemon sablefish with Israeli couscous, and potted prawns with pistachio butter….I’ll be visiting soon. Yumm!!

4. I first saw Brix Restaurant on Jamie Delanie’s blog. After viewing the quirky yet elegant location in Yaletown through Jamie’s fabulous shots, and looking over their menu, I can hardly wait until I find a reason to stop by and enjoy some of their creations. Birthday location perhaps?!?

5. Ok, so I didn’t just come across Mink Chocolates & Cafe today, I’ve been a fan for quite a while (hands down, this fantastic little wonder brews up the best Americano in the city!). My all time favourite chocolate bar from Mink is ‘Canada, eh!.’ Although, after reading about their Easter special, ‘Flat Pack Easter Egg’ with a yellow cream center, I think there’s another wonder waiting for me.

6. These shakers from Merchant_4 are so unique. With clear glass lightbulb-like tops, you can see exactly what you’ve stored inside. These are created to be a perfect location for a multitude of different spices. At $80 per set of 2, they are quite the splurge…but just think of how they’d look sitting on your table.

7. Much like Mink Chocolates David’s Tea is not new to me, but is definitely something that needs to be shared with anyone who decides to stop by my blog. Now that David’s Tea has a shop on West 4th, it’s even easier to swoop in and pick up some of their fantastic concoctions. I have many personal favourites: Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Long Life Oolong, and Glitter & Gold. You too can enjoy a cup in the afternoon as much as I do.

8. I LOVE Anthropologie, but I specifically enjoy these two new Spring items I found waiting for me today in my inbox. At $298 for the sandals and $98 for the bag, I doubt I’ll allow myself to splurge on these two items anytime soon, but I’ll be checking in to see if they happen to go on sale…any reason to justify claiming these as my own sounds good to me!

9. I found a new etsy shop I adore today, One Life Jewelry. This necklace that she dubbs the ‘circle of creation’ is stunning. All of her pieces are so delicate yet intricate at the same time. Plus, I love that this piece has a quote along with its description; “When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us, the doors of our souls fly open, and love steps forth to heal everything in sight.” –  Michael Bridge.

10. I discovered a new blog today; a photo blog of sorts. I think you should check it out, littlebrownpen. Be inspired by an example of someone who happens to be talented at capturing moments of life with beauty and grace.

I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do. Good Night all. Sleep tight! xoxo


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