The long day was over. She sat in front of the bay window on her favourite pink and yellow striped cushion, chai tea in hand, pashmina wrapped around her shoulders. The sun was slipping underneath the skyline; it’s reflection was slowly sinking away from the shining water. With shades of red and orange the sky was still lit with the memories of moments past.

The clock was ticking behind her. Time to get ready for bed. Taking the last sip of tea the warmth relaxed her entire body. She drew the curtains closed and threw her blanket on the couch beside her; with a clink of china against porcelain, her cup laid to rest in the kitchen sink. Out came the contacts, on went the glasses, her freshly washed face was ready to meet the soft pillowcase on the other side of the room.

A flick of the switch, the lights were out. A swish of the covers and the bed embraced her tired body. She reached for the remote and silenced the TV’s hum and glow; only the soft light of the moon peaked it’s way through the corner of her blinds. The smell of lavender and the sound of raindrops on the roof above…sleep finally wrapped it’s arms around her.


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