Sunny Saturday

So, I hit up the States yesterday on a well deserved day away from the office. I’m not quite sure what made last week so aweful…a mix between lack of sleep, stress at work/home I suppose…but after yesterday I feel refreshed and ready to start next week with a bang.

If you know me at all, my outfit of choice is a pair of worn in jeans, a hoodie that’s in reach, and either a pair of converse or vans. Yesterday I found not one, but two, dresses that came home with me! For me, that’s quite the feat!! One is a shocking and beautiful purple, while the other (coral in the photo) is pure black and perfect for any function paired with one of my many pairs of heels. Of course, to even out the dress buying I picked up a new pair of slate grey converse to keep my feet content.

Lauren Conrad’s Line at Kohl’s graced my shopping bag with a sweet little tank for summer, while the GAP gave me a wonderful springy green cardigan to add to my rather black collection. I found a killer pair of shiny zebra striped flats from Target and a cute french press to use at my desk…it will forever rescue me from the sludge they call coffee in the office, and the cost of stopping for a caffeine fix every morning from Starbucks.

I found a quote while flipping through some magazines this morning from Sheryl Crow: “No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.” It just reinforces that fact that in the midst of everything that goes on in our lives, we need to make the time to take a step back and take in some of the simple pleasures in life. I think I’m going to create a wallpaper for my computer at work with that on it;  even while everything is crazy around me, I’ll be reminded to take a breath and remember that while work is a big part of my life it is not the only thing I have to focus on.

Enjoy the sunshine!


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