A Sam Roberts Moment

I would categorize my taste in music as quite eclectic; if you grabbed my ipod and hit shuffle you could skip through Michael Buble, U2, Jamie Foxx, T.I, Katy Perry, Nickleback, Sugarland, Tom Petty and Maclean in a matter of seconds…

I’ve loved the Sam Roberts Band since 2003 when I stole their album “We Were Born In A Flame” from my little bro’s room. It’s often so enlightening to step back and realize how much music can affect a situation…at that point in my brother’s life I was just the uncool-geeky-older sister…but when Sam Roberts was playing a rare moment would always take place where we both would agree on, and enjoy, something together. I’ve listened to Sam Roberts as they journeyed through a “Chemical City,” and discovered that there is “Love At The End Of The World,” and my ears have never been disappointed; it’s hard to choose just one song that’s a favourite because so many of them are linked effortlessly to memories from the past.

During the Olympics I was finally able to see Sam Roberts live for the first time…and what an experience! Their CD’s can’t compare to what it’s like to hear these guys preform live.

Take some time to listen to a song or two. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do.

Off to work! Have a fabulous Tuesday. xoxo.


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