It’s Monday…

 And I actually didn’t mind rolling out of my very comfortable bed to get ready for work. I love Daylight Savings! The sun  has decided to peek through the clouds…and with this only being a 4 day work week for me, I think it’s going to be a good one.

I’ll be off to the states on Friday to do a little Spring shopping…have to look good for the John Mayer concert on April 1st of course…and I hope to add some colour to my black and blue wardrobe. Hopefully, there will be a version of these out there waiting for me.

You may ask why Orbit gum and Yoplait yogurt have made an appearance…well, because they are truely two of the best things to grab when shopping in the States! The amazing aray of flavoured gum is harder to find here, and I’ve yet to cross paths with my favourite whipped yogurt in delectable (and low-fat versions that don’t taste funky) white chocolate strawberry or orange creamsicle.

Here’s to hoping that both your work week and mine go by quickly!

(images: Anthropologie; Macy’s; Bath and Body Works)


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